Sunday, June 2, 2013

CSS Tennessee assembled and primed

Slightly stern-on view of the CSS Tennessee (1/600 Thoroughbred Model) in "dry dock" after assembly and primer. 

I'll need to wait for the paint to arrive before detailing can begin. I also need to think about basing... Any thoughts?

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Pimping Iron & Oak

So, the Thoroughbred Models have arrived - a pair from an eBay purchase and a pair from Thoroughbred Models themselves.

The question arose on BGG about mixing miniatures and Iron & Oak today, so I snapped a few pictures earlier than I would have liked to get the word out. The models below are far from complete. I simply inserted the two stacks in and the turret on the Canonicus-class monitor.

1/600 Miniatures by Thoroughbred Models. Model #TS07, TS22, TS28. Models are not yet assembled. Just inserted the stacks for the photo

USS Tecumseh. Model is 1/600 Thoroughbred Model #TS07 Canonicus class monitor. Model is not yet assembled. Just inserted the stack and turret for the photo

CSS Tennessee. Model is 1/600 Thoroughbred Model #TS28. Model is not yet assembled. Just inserted the stack for the photo
1/600 scale may be too large for some on this board. If you are interested in filling out some of the larger scenarios with all minis, then you definitely may want to consider the TITAN MMP 1/1200 models. They'll squeeze more in the grid space and be easier on the wallet.

If you're just interested in some eye-candy to duel with a friend (or maybe even a pair a piece - four in the same grid would definitely be a crowd), then don't hesitate to get these fantastic looking miniatures. It may even lead to some true miniature gaming.

Progress posts will follow, but first I need to get some supplies!