Thursday, February 28, 2013

Charlotte Sampler and Beer Barrel Blunder

This past weekend, Meredith's mom was in town so we had a rare opportunity to hit the town. Our initial plan was to check out TEN Park Lanes, but when we arrived we found ourselves at the back end of a 3 hour wait. Apparently, the "in" thing these days is to go bowling. Who knew?! Certainly not a couple of home bound parents of a now 10-month old.

So we went across the street to grab a bite to eat and then settled in to a tap house called Duckworth's. With over 60 beers on tap, they're known to have a great selection of craft beers.

A discussion with one of my co-workers earlier that week (the topic: Charlotte Breweries) led me to put together a Charlotte Sampler (4 beer samples) of the local micro brews that have popped up around town in recent years.

Charlotte beer sampler from Left to Right:
Four Friends Uptown Brown (3)[t3]
Triple C Imperial Smoke Amber (2)[t3]
Birdsong Free Will Pale Ale (1)[1]
NoDa Coco Loco (4)[2]

The numbers in parenthesis (#) and brackets [#] were our rankings. Mine in parenthesis and Mere's in brackets. We both favored the Birdsong Free Will Pale Ale.

After trying a bit of the local flavor, I wanted to give one of their bourbon barrels a go. I saw a Heavy Seas in their Bargin Bin section of the menu and thought - ooh, bourbon barrel bargain! So, we ordered a "Heavy Seas Bourbon BA Below Decks". Well, the bottle arrived and we poured a glass and took a sip and wow... not bourbon barrel! It turns out that the Heavy Seas Below Decks is actually a Cabernet Barrel.

Cabernet barrel you say? Well, maybe you say barley wine. In either case, we said "no thanks!"

Mere's words: "That's what it tastes like when I would throw up (after drinking wine)"
Personally, I feel beer and wine should not be mixed. But, hey, to each their own. Our waiter was a fan of it and other barley wine brews. So clearly there is a market.

He took the Cabernet barrel bottle away and brought us a bourbon barrel. An Olde Hickory Seven Devils to be exact. Now, this wasn't as good as the bourbon barrel I think I recall having in Dallas, but it may have just been the after effect of the Cabernet barrel. So, I'd say it's worth another try.

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  1. I am surprised the market for Bourbon beers hasnt taken off. I had one in Ohio and it was amazingly good.