Saturday, November 7, 2015

(Solo) Guild Ball - Engineer's Intrasquad Scrimmage Final Play

Here's the setup - Red (visting/bottom) Engineers are up 8-4. Blue Velocity has the ball nearly 15" away from her own goal and less than 9" to the opposing goal - which there is no one between her and the goal.

On the previous turn, the Red Engineers tried valiantly to strip her of the ball - they even took her down to 0 HP, but she was able to Reanimate and retain possession of the ball.

Meanwhile, at the opposite end, Red Colossus bulldozes into Compound (what goalie interference?) to move him slightly out of position. And later Salvo stands up from a knock down, shoots Compound with two Kick Bolts (hitting on one - he was Pumped Up!), and Swift Strikes an inch to slip a little further from Blue Ballista.

At the end of the turn, Red is up in Momentum, 2-1, and wins the ever so important initiative. Since it's a fresh turn, Blue Velocity loses her Nimble, but also loses the first tackle against her Close Control. Red Engineers load up Velocity with 4 Influence. She moves to within melee range of Blue Velocity and attacks - a momentous tackle. That's one. Attacks again - another momentous tackle - that's two! She successfully has tackled the ball from her counterpart and just as importantly gained two Momentum. But she is too far away to make a pass to anyone in scoring range. One more influence is spent on an attack and she gets a momentous double dodge - just what she needed! She dodges away two inches which puts her within 8" of Salvo. She spends her last influence to boot the ball to Salvo (success) and then spends two Momentum to attempt a Snap Shot on goal. Salvo is a 3/6" kicker, but is Pumped Up to add a Bonus Time die to the dice pool (now 4/6"). He rolls and gets two 4s as needed for a Snap Shot. GOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a great game! There's so much back and forth action, nail biting tension, choke artists, clutch performers, and games within the game. Even playing this game solo is exciting. What are you waiting for? ;)

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