Saturday, November 7, 2015

Guild Ball - Season 1 Engineers WIP

The Engineer's Season 1 core team is now assembled. I still need to putty the bases and then paint of course, but overall I'm pretty happy thus far and glad I now have something to field on the local pitch.

The goal is a D&D miniature I stumbled upon while looking for 28mm ballistas.
This is my first experience with slotted bases and figures. Most were okay, except Salvo and Velocity made me a little nervous with how little there seemed to be there to fix them to the base. I actually went with a sliding tackle pose for Velocity... Partly due to the concern and partly to have something a little different. I think that gamble paid off - I like it.
Colossus turned into a tripod... We'll just say that's an action pose wink emoticon
Mainspring was surprisingly annoying during assembly, but partly my fault for not dry fitting first. It had also come with one of its front legs snapped, but I managed to salvage that - at least temporarily. Hopefully it holds.

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