Sunday, November 17, 2013

LNL: A Day of Heroes AAR - Ambush

It looked like a daunting task for the Pakistani contingent of the UNITAF Peacekeeping Force - and that it was. 
After Turn 1, the Pakistani forces were already down 1 counter (start with 6; must survive three turns with at least 4 counters, including the MG-3 counter). They did fight off three Somali squads/half-squads. But the number were too overwhelming. On Turn 2, a Pakistani squad, firing a captured RPG at an adjacent building, gave the militia a taste of their own medicine. The HEAT round wounded Ahmad, a militia leader, and killed another Somali squad. Another Somali squad sitting in a building across the street noticed the smoke trail and open fire with their RPD (MG) causing casualties to the two Pakistani squads in the building, including the MG-3 team. Knowing his men were shaken, Lt. Abbas, risked facing opportunity fire and rushed toward the building. But the OF did not come as he dashed across the street. He entered the building and the shots rang out. A Somali squad and half-squad fired from their fortified position within the rubble at the most opportune time. Lt. Abbas, while trying to save his men from an impending melee, was left shaken himself. A lone Somali squad moved into the adjacent building and then entered the target building with the three shaken Pakistanis (four counters) after passing his modified Morale Check. The shaken Pakistanis surrendered and the Somalis were victorious. 

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