Wednesday, November 27, 2013

No Retreat! 2: Scenario 1 - Operation Compass - Turn 2a

Turn 2

Pretty sure the first turn went as expected. Unless they hit a bad streak of luck on the die rolls, the Allies will probably roll over the Italians on Map 4. Let's see if things change on Map 3...

There are three possible routes of supply for the Allies (to the brown hex edges) - one road and two trails. The road and trail in the north meet near Halfaya Pass (see below) which provides for a decent place to hold a defensive position. The southern trail needs to be watched so that the Allies can't outflank the defenses at Halfaya Pass.

File:Halfaya Pass WWII.jpg

After seeing Italian setup, the Allies begin their set up.

With thoughts of divide and conquer, the Allies send two mechanized units south and a pair to the east. If they can break through on one of the flanks, they could cut off the other Italian outpost. But, the Italians still have their mines and boxes to place. 

After the final mine is laid, we begin with the Allies first offensive.

The Allies attempt to focus their attention on the Babini armored division, but out of the Axis hand is a Tactical Feint card, placing a Counterblow on the Mines. Note, mines have a black attack value versus the white attack value of the boxes. Units with a white value are not able to voluntarily attack or participate in counterblows. Black attack value units are able to do so.

The split attack only results in a Counterblow (CB).

The Italians move the 21 Corps south to join in on the Counterblow and roll well. Bad news for the Allies as they are forced to retreat.

O'Connor has seen enough and orders the units in the south to join up with him in the north to spearhead an attack at Halfaya Pass.

The Italians from the southern flank move up to make an attack of their own. O'Connor uses his ability (flips his counter) to force a counterblow.

The Italian counter was unsuccessful and the Allied units take Halfaya Pass and force the Italian armor further south.

The Allies keep the pressure on

...and force the Italians to retreat even further. The Babini unit tries to get clever after his retreat and moves in between the two Allied forces.  He hopes to cut off the northern Allied supply...

But the Allies close in on him and try to lay the hammer down. Things aren't looking so good for Babini's boys...