Tuesday, November 26, 2013

No Retreat! 2: Scenario 1 - Operation Compass - Turn 1

The latest edition to the No Retreat! Deluxe Edition family by GMT Games - No Retreat! 2: The North African Front has arrived! Here's my initial (solo) play through. 

Turn 1

The first turn of Operation Compass (or the Campaign game for that matter) setup as such:

Be sure to remember those Italian reinforcements coming in on Turn 2 (not shown in the Scenario Book). There's also been an Errata by Carl Paradis on BGG - link here - regarding the 7th Armored unit. It should setup on its 1-step side (the side with Turn 1 indicated on it)

The Allies have the initiative and begin with their first offensive! Combe's mechanized infantry move beyond the Italian infantry while the heavy tanks of the 32nd Tank and the 4th Indian move in from the south and easily destroy the lone Italian unit.

The Maletti mechanized unit held out after a few counter-blows but eventually gave way to the British armored units.

The 21 Corpo infantry pulled back to Map 3 to regroup with the Italian reinforcements entering on Turn 2. Stay tuned for Turn 2/Map 3...

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  1. Beautiful. What a beautiful game. Michael, if you went up against 'El Coyote' you wouldn't last long.
    -El Coyote