Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Skirmish Sangin acrylic counters

I had seen on the Skirmish Sangin forum that they would be releasing some acrylic counters at Historicon and was intrigued. While I've scratch built terrain, I've never been one for making my own counters - I have a couple print and play games sitting on the sideline to prove it - and there are a lot of counters in Sangin.

Unfortunately, they had noted that they would not have the 50 morale counters at Historicon; only the 50 action counters. When I arrived at the booth on Friday, there appeared to be two boxes remaining. I quickly grabbed one for US$20, along with some other tidbits, including a pack of their new Deltas (currently featured in their Day of the Rangers KickStarter) and some of the former Crescent Root middle east buildings now cast by The "ART" of Wargaming.

You can also pick up all 100 counters through the KS; and I highly recommend that you do. They add a nice touch of form and function. Form in the sense that they do not detract or hide your tabletop.

G&G rating:

Here are some photos of the counters in use:


  1. Don't suppose you have any pictures of the Deltas in the flesh (or metal) do you?


    1. Not currently, but that can be arranged... Stay tuned.