Tuesday, July 14, 2015

UPDATED (7/28/2015) Skirmish Sangin, Maalintii Rangers, Historicon, and Kickstarter, oh my!

Skirmish Sangin, Maalintii Rangers, Historicon, and Kickstarter, oh my!

Just caught wind of the Meeples & Miniatures podcast with Colin Phillips of Radio Dish-Dash.

Catch the podcast here:

There's mention of the latest Battle Book, Maalintii Rangers, which is an add-on to Skirmish Sangin and will be released at Historicon.

Sneak peak over on the Skirmish Sangin blog:

Also mentioned is a possible Kickstarter campaign where we'll potentially see figures, vehicles, and buildings.

UPDATE (7/28/2015): The KickStarter campaign is now live! As of 7/28/2015 it is beyond its funding goal and on track for some stretch goals.

I picked up the Skirmish Sangin PDF on the drive home from Historicon last year. Unfortunately, a year has past and I never did manage to get it to the table. I did eventually get all of my insurgents forces painted and a few USMC done - as seen in a previous post. At that time we utilized Flying Lead and its Afghanistan expansion, Hearts & Minds.

This year at Historicon, Colin himself will be in attendance. I am hoping to catch a demo game of Skirmish Sangin on Friday to get the juices flowing and hopefully convince a local gamer or two to partake in a few games this year.

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